Coronavirus Health Insurance

As we all know the cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day and now the total number of cases across the globe is approximately 7,690, 708 and the death rate of COVID-19 is 439,512. In India, the total number of cases active is 1, 53,983+ and the death rate is 9,921+.  This deadly virus spreading so far in India and no one can help you in this situation. But if you have a health insurance policy, you can pay the hospital bills easily.

What Is Coronavirus?

It’s a deadly virus that attacks your immune system and started with the common cold. The virus came from Wuhan which means the first case originated in China. And now it becomes the novel coronavirus disease. This virus also causes major respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, kidney failure, and many other human body organs failure. Basically, the virus mainly attacks those peoples who are 60 or 60+ age and had pre-medical conditions. Their symptoms are very normal like regular flu, sore throat, fever, dry cough, runny nose, headache, etc. Right now there is no vaccination for this disease. So it’s better to take care of yourself.

Benefits of Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy

Coronavirus Treatment

Covered With Zero Additional Cost

Refund On Sum Assured

The insurance company guarantees to pay the sum assured in return for receiving regular premiums from the policyholder. Higher the sum assured means a lower the service fees, for the insurance company.

Business Care

In the case of a permanent disability or illness, the insurance amount can be used to run the business in a seamless manner. Some insurance companies provide an option in which if a policyholder owns a business, his business partners can easily get his share.

Loan Against Policy

Invest Market offers easy Loan Against Insurance, get funds for financial emergencies, by pledging your insurance policy as a collateral.One can get a loan from the company.You can borrow against a permanent or whole insurance policy.

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What Is Coronavirus Health Insurance?

The coronavirus health insurance policy covers all the medical expenses during the treatment of COVID-19. The policy covers all the hospitalization expenses including medicines and lab tests also. We all know about the expenses of hospitalization and many of us don’t have so much money to pay all the hospital expenses. But if you choose this coronavirus health insurance, this will cover all the expenses from the first day when you diagnosed with the disease. The policy pays off hospitalization expenses including inpatient and outpatient expenses.

Things That Coronavirus Covered In Health Insurance Plan

  • Inpatient hospitalization expenses
  • Pre hospitalization expenses
  • Critical Illness Hospitalization
  • Accidental Hospitalization
  • Daycare Procedures

What Is Not Covered By Coronavirus Health Insurance Plan?

There are many other medical expenses that coronavirus health insurance plans don’t cover. Take a look at what are the things that they don’t cover in coronavirus insurance:

  • Home Quarantine:

This policy doesn’t cover any kind of expenses that you incur while staying in quarantine at your home.

  • Non-perceived Quarantine Centre:

If you isolate at a non-perceived community for coronavirus treatment, the clinical costs caused won’t be secured under your approach

  • Pre-Existing Diseases

Any clinical costs caused on the treatment of any prior illnesses won’t be secured under this strategy except if the holding up period gets over

  • Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Expenses:

This arrangement won’t spread any pre-natal or post-natal costs brought about by the safeguarded except if it prompts his hospitalization.

  • Hospitalization without Doctor’s Recommendation:

If you get hospitalized without the suggestion of a certified specialist (as referenced on a medicine), at that point this arrangement won’t spread the hospitalization costs emerging out of it

Is Coronavirus Covered Under Existing Health Insurance Policy?

As this disease is totally new but all the existing health insurance policies provide you coronavirus health insurance cover. Suppose if you buy health insurance policy before testing positive for COVID-19, any medical expenses are under on this policy. Since the coronavirus isn’t a previous infirmity, it will be secured as a major aspect of the essential hospitalization costs under a medical coverage plan that remembers for quiet hospitalization costs, ICU charges, and diagnostic test charges among others.

However, if you don’t have a health insurance policy and choose to get one after testing positive for coronavirus, at that point coronavirus treatment costs won’t be secured under the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Life Insurance Policy

  • Unit-linked plans
  • Endowment plans
  • Money-back life insurance plan
  • Whole life insurance plan
  • Child plans
  • Retirement plans

Exclusion Of Life Insurance Policy

  • Death as a result of lifestyle disease
  • Self-inflicted Injuries
  • Involvement in Extreme Sports Activity
  • Man-Made Disasters
  • Intoxication and Overdose of Drugs
  • Criminal Intent
  • The right age for Individuals up to the age of 40 should have a life cover equal to 15-20 times their annual income.
  • For the ages between 40 and 50, a life cover of 10-15 times their annual income should suffice.
  • For the age above 50, try to buy a life cover of five times the annual income.
  • Contact the insurance company or agent.
  • Get copies of the death certificate
  • Fill out the paperwork and send it in.
  • Specify how you want to be paid.

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