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As we all know health is wealth. Changing lifestyle habits, unhealthy food, lots of pollution, there are many other factors that impact on our health. As a result we suffered from various diseases and illnesses. In this modern era, the cost of medical expenses is increasing day by day. So safe yourself with high medical bills and buy a health insurance plan for yourself and your family. When you buy health insurance plans this will cover all the hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization, and post-hospitalization. In this blog, I am going to share all the advantages of health insurance and its importance.

Why Do We Need Health Insurance?

Basically, health insurance is like a safeguard that protects the policyholder and his/her family from medical expenses that arise due to sudden accidents, illness, or serious disease. There are many health insurance plans available that insurance companies give to their customers. So it’s up to you which plan you want for you and your family.

Importance Of Health Insurance Plans

Health emergencies do not come with a notice. Our unhealthy lifestyle habits or global warming make the human body weak so the demand for health care services increasing day by day. These days the medical treatment is very expensive, especially in private hospitals. Without a health insurance policy, hospital bills are enough to drain one’s savings. So it is necessary to buy a health insurance plan because it covers medical expenses. Except for this, health insurance offers tax benefits under 80D of the income tax Act 1961. So choose the health insurance plan that suits your requirements. Many of us don’t know about the advantages of health insurance. So read this full blog and know about the benefits of health insurance:-

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Top Best Advantages Of Health Insurance

Coverage Against Medical Expenses

The main purpose of a health insurance policy is to give you protection against high medical costs. Basically, the health insurance policy covers all the hospitalization expenses, domiciliary expenses, ambulance charges, daycare procedures, and much more. So stop worrying about medical expenses, just focus on your recovery.

Coverage Against Critical Illness

Nowadays, insurance companies offer critical illness insurance, whether it is a standalone plan or as a rider. This type of health insurance policy provides coverage against life-threatening diseases like loss of limbs, kidney failure, bone marrow transplant, and the list goes on. If you are suffering from the disease which is included in the health insurance plan, then you will get the full amount. You can use this amount in various things like daily expenses, treatment costs, or any kind of financial obligation.

Cashless Claim Benefit

Do you know many insurance companies offer a cashless facility? Now you don’t need to carry large amounts of money in hospitals just choose the cashless claim facility. The medical expenses are settled between your health insurance company and the hospital. All you have to do is just fill out a pre-authorization form and display your health insurance card to get the cashless facility.

Additional Protection Over And Above Your Employer Cover

Did you know many IT or Non-IT companies provide their employees with group health insurance coverage? However, employees are not satisfied because of the policy unfit for their needs. Another disadvantage of corporate insurance is that it ends when the employee loses his job or changes in employment. So in that case, pick up the health insurance policy that helps to protect your health and financial stability when an emergency occurs.

Tax Benefits

According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, a person under 60 years old can claim the paid. Note that the premium paid is charge deductible up to Rs. 50,000. Individuals with one of the guardians over 60 years pay Rs. 75,000 as premium, while those with the two guardians over 60 years pay Rs. 1 Lakh. Thus, purchasing medical coverage policy now would make you eligible for less deduction in income tax bills and gives you more other benefits.  

Profitable Deals

Do you know early planning can get you exclusive benefits when it comes to the health insurance sector? So if you are planning to buy a health insurance policy then do it now because it gives you amazing benefits. No matter if you are senior citizens or adults this policy is best for every age of group people. As we all know the chance of getting ill at an early age is very low, so it is easy to get through waiting periods, pre-existing diseases, and more. However, it’s easy to claim all the benefits.

Other Benefits For Young Buyers

If you buy a health insurance policy at a young age, you will get more benefits. You don’t have to deal with the waiting period which is a plus point for young buyers. Also, you are free from high claim rejections. So buy it today and get the advantages of a health insurance policy for young buyers.

So these are the top best advantages of health insurance policies that are available in various insurance companies of India. Based on your personal requirements and needs, choose the best plan, and don’t miss an opportunity to get all these amazing benefits of health insurance.

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