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There are several myths on COVID-19 that are constantly spreading amongst the masses. These kinds of rumors are very crucial which one should not spread among others as they can harm someone. To clear all the thoughts that come in our mind, here is a list of 17 myths on COVID-19 that you should stop believing.

#1. Coronavirus Won’t Survive in Hot Weather

As you know COVID-19 has spread across the whole world, either the country is hot or humid, like UAE and Qatar. By observing these kinds of things, we can understand the fact that coronavirus can spread in all kinds of weather either it is a hot and cold climate. The most important thing is that people living in such areas need to take safety precautions to stay safe from COVID-19.

#2. Eating Pepper or Garlic Can Protect from COVID-19

I have seen many people believe in eating some sort of seeds to prevent COVID-19. But basically those are all myths on COVID-19 as foods like sesame seeds, garlic, pepper, and are very prominent for several health benefits. No doubt such kind of food can boost your immunity and keep you healthy and fit but truly it cannot save you from coronavirus.

#3. Only Aged People Can Get Coronavirus

I have heard many rumors from many people that COVID-19 can only affect old people but not young people. It’s one of the popular myths on COVID-19 that people believe. But that’s truly wrong and there is nothing like that. People of all ages, including children, have been tested COVID positive. However, aged people and people with comorbidities are having more chances to get seriously ill due to coronavirus. Thus, they should think about themselves and should be covered under corona insurance.

#4. Eating Non-Veg Can Lead to COVID-19

Let me clear the most important thing that people often talk about i.e. meat. Many people say that eating nonveg can lead to coronavirus.  But there is no evidence till now that depicts that person who eats meat or non-veg food can get coronavirus. So these are just myths on COVID-19 that no one should believe. But yes you just need to ensure that the meat you consume should be properly cleaned and cooked well.

#5. If You Get Coronavirus, You Will Die

Till now the death rate in India due to coronavirus is very less. Most people who were positive with coronavirus are now recovered from the COVID-19 disease by taking proper medical treatment on time. But the most crucial thing is to take medical attention as soon as you observe COVID-19 symptoms. And don’t worry about the medical expenses because it will be covered under your coronavirus health insurance policy. So forget about medical expenses and get proper corona health coverage.

#6. COVID-19 Infects You for Whole Life

There are many people who got caught by a coronavirus and out of them, most have been cured completely. Moreover, COVID-19 have also freed their bodies of the virus. Therefore, you should not believe in non-sense beliefs that if you contract coronavirus, it will stay in your body all your life.

#7. Mosquitoes or Houseflies Can Spread Coronavirus

Till now, no one has found any evidence that houseflies or mosquitoes can spread coronavirus among humans. As we all know COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that can only spread if the droplets of a COVID patient come in contact with a healthy person. But if we talk about Mosquitoes, they can only infect you with diseases, like dengue and malaria, which can eventually weaken your immunity but it cannot lead to COVID-19.

#8. UV Rays Can Kill Coronavirus

Ultraviolet rays through lamps cannot kill coronavirus. As we use UV rays on skin, it can destroy your skin. On the other hand, UV rays can damage your eyes and cause skin irritation. So I don’t recommend anyone to use UV rays on their body as it can lead to many health problems. Hence, you must not use UV lamps on your skin.

#9. Hot Bath Can Kill Coronavirus

The person who is positive with corona, taking shower with hot water cannot kill coronavirus in your body. It does not matter what the temperature is too hot outside but body temperature remains the same either the outer temperature is hot or cold. Therefore, a hot bath is not going to make any difference to the coronavirus that has already entered your body.

#10. Alcohol Consumption Can Protect You from COVID-19

According to the World health organization (WHO), there is no proof which stated that drinking alcohol can protect you from Coronavirus. But on the other hand, if you drink too much alcohol just to protect yourself from covid-19, it can lead to multiple health problems that can delay your recovery if you are suffering from coronavirus disease. In order to manage all kinds of medical expenses, it is the best idea to get yourself covered under a corona insurance policy.

#11. Pneumonia Vaccine Can Cure COVID-19

People often talk about the Pneumonia vaccine that can save you from covid-19 disease but pneumonia vaccine can only cure pneumonia infection. Moreover, there is no evidence yet of this vaccine that it can work to protect against coronavirus.

#12. Holding Breath for 10 Seconds Without Difficulty Means You Cannot Get COVID-19

If you can hold your breath at least for 10 seconds or more without facing any discomfort, it does not mean that you are immune to coronavirus. There is only a single way to know if you have COVID-19 or not i.e. by getting yourself tested for the covid-19 disease.  The expenses of covid-19 testing can be covered under your corona insurance policy so you don’t need to worry about medical expenses.

#13. Pets Spread Coronavirus

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they don’t have any evidence that proves that pets spread coronavirus. Thus, you should not blame your pet. However, just wash your hands properly after you touch your pet that’s all you need to do.

#14. Antibiotics Can Fight Against Coronavirus

There are multifarious facts that are scientifically proved, scientists have also proved that antibiotics can fight against bacteria but not viruses. Thus, antibiotics will not treat coronavirus. But antibiotics can be used to fight against co-bacterial infection along with COVID-19. Make sure to have a corona policy that covers your medical bills.

#15. Consuming Ethanol, Methanol, or Bleach Can Kill Coronavirus

As we all know ethanol, methanol and bleach are very dangerous and harmful for our body’s internal organs. If you consume these harmful products, it can lead to any disability or death. Thus, you should never consider drinking any harmful or dangerous liquids products. Stop believing such kind of myths on COVID-19.

#16. 5G Mobile Network Can Spread Coronavirus

That is a seriously false statement. Coronavirus is a disease and it cannot travel on mobile networks or any radio waves. Coronavirus disease can spread only through respiratory droplets of a COVID positive person while sneezing, coughing, or speaking.

#17. Some Specific Medicines Can Prevent COVID-19

Officially, there is not any particular medicine or vaccine that has been prescribed by medical experts to prevent or cure Coronavirus. No doubt scientists or medical experts have been tirelessly working to find a vaccine for covid-19 treatment. But these medicines are not the solutions to eliminate coronavirus. Nonetheless, you must have a corona health insurance policy to cover medical expenses incurred.

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