NJ E-Wealth Account is a comprehensive online platform that provides access to your whole wealth portfolio across Mutual Funds, Direct Equity, ETFs, IPOs, and Bonds along with their current valuation basically all under one roof. NJ E-wealth account is a great platform for investors as they can buy, sell, or switch their investments simply through their computer or smartphone any time and from anywhere in the world. And do you know why most people prefer to use NJ e wealth, the reason is the transaction process is speedy, smooth, and paperless?

trading mutual funds

Here, we are going to discuss how to invest in mutual funds using the NJ E-Wealth account. This is going to be a detailed tutorial that just needs your 2 minutes to learn the basics of trading with NJ E-wealth. Let’s get started.

Now never miss an opportunity to build your wealth because you were too far

Key Features of NJ E-Wealth

➝ Only for resident individual clients.

⇨ The investment will be in Physical folio.

➝ Net banking & Debit Card options available for purchase.

⇨ Available for 365 days & 24X7

➝ Withdrawal in just 30 minutes.

⇨ Current scheme available – Reliance money manager fund – Growth option

➝ Redemption proceeds will be directly credited in clients’ banks A/C by AMC or RTA.

⇨ Any modification in the folio details shall be done through AMC or RTA.

➝ The facility is available only for NJ E wealth AC clients.

Benefits: Invest in Mutual Funds through E – Wealth Account

➝ No signature required

⇨ No physical application

➝ View our portfolio online

⇨ Access through app

➝ Go paperless go digital

Why Invest in Mutual Funds Through NJ E-Wealth Account?

Here are some major reasons why you should invest in mutual funds through e wealth account:

Paperless Account Opening In Just 1 Hour

NJ India online offers seamless Adhaar based account opening where you don’t even need to stand in the queue and wait for a long period of time. In addition, unlike offline Demat account opening, you don’t need to sign on multiple documents. Therefore it’s very easy to open a trading account through NJ India Online.

Convenient Transaction Options

All the MF transactions can be done through SMS or Email at any time and from anywhere 24/7. For your convenience, you can also use their Mobile App for transactions. To get notified for every transaction, get Instant alerts & confirmation through SMS or Email.

Convenient and Secured Payment Options

NJ India offers multifarious convenient and secured payment options for the investors that include:

➝ Net Banking

⇨ RTGS / NEFT – All Banks

➝ Auto Debit / ACH – All Banks

⇨ Cheques – All Banks

➝ Debit Card – VISA only

Comprehensive Reports

In order to provide the proper valuation and transaction reports, they offer you desktop & Mobile App access for the ease of people to analyze all the reports. Thus, you can make reports for tax calculation purpose

Easy Process Of Transmission

It’s a hassle-free transmission process you can simply transfer your wealth to your nominee.

Innovative Transactions

In NJ Online, here is a Unique Inter AMC Switch or STP available only in E-Wealth A/C where you can easily switch from one mutual fund scheme to another without any hassle.

Centralised Customer Care

If you have any query related to your investment plan or anything you want to ask you can simply call on our toll free number 1800 102 0155.

Step by Step Guide: How To Invest in Mutual Funds?

Once you are done with account opening with NJ e-wealth, here are the further steps of how to use the NJ E-wealth account for trading:

How To Login to Your NJ E-Wealth Account?

Step – 1

First of all, the website will ask for your credentials like login ID and password,

how to invest in mutual funds

Step – 2

After entering the correct details, you will be redirected to the E-wealth homepage.

mutual funds sip

How To Register for SIP?


Click on the mutual fund in the top navigation bar, then under the transaction list, click on SIP registration.

best mutual funds to invest in sip


A new form will appear where you need to enter the required details as shown below and submit the form.

best mutual funds


Once you submit the SIP registration form, their system will ask for your confirmation. Check out all the details carefully that you have filled in the SIP registration form and click on the confirm button.

best mutual funds in india


After you click on the confirm button, your SIP registrations have been successfully submitted.

best performing mutual funds

How To Purchase Through E- Wealth Account?


In the mutual fund, under the transactions menu list, click on the first option i.e Purchase.

how to invest in mutual funds online


Once you click the purchase button, an application form for purchase will appear where you will need to enter the desired investment amount and other required details and submit the information.

trading mutual funds


Once you submit the information, their system will ask for confirmation for your purchase. Here you will need to check all the details as shown below and finally confirm your purchase.

mutual funds online


Once you confirm the purchase you have made, your transaction has been successfully submitted as details are shown below:

invest in mutual funds in india

Mutual Fund Redemption Through E- Wealth Account


In the mutual fund, under the transactions menu list, the redemption option will be there as shown below:

what is mutual fund


Once you click on the redemption button, an application form for redemption will appear where you will need to enter some details that are required and submit the form as shown in the image below:

How to Invest Money

SIP Cancellation or Revocation


In the mutual fund, under the utility menu list, the SIP Stop/Revocation utility option is there as highlighted in the image below:


Once you click on the SIP stop button, a new page for SIP cancellation where you will find three options: Requested, Underprocess, and not requested. As per your funds status, choose the option you want to select and click on submit. 

Best Website to invest


When you click on all, it will display all the SIP’s you have registered with the NJ E-Wealth account:

best Company to invest in mutual fund

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